A Renaissance Woman

Very early in our lives, something inside informs us as to who we are. If we are lucky, we listen to that small voice and embark on our “soul” purpose. The seeker must seek.

A Renaissance Woman is drawn to many interests, and through that search will find those things that serve her. If she follows that path, it leads to her destiny – perhaps not the one she was told to expect, yet it will be the one that gives the joy of accomplishment, the everyday joy of living the life of a Renaissance woman.

A Renaissance Woman is a woman…

….of many interests and proficiency in several.

… expressing creativity in her own way, heedless of other opinions.

… living life from a center of joyousness, knowing everything is appropriate in her life.

… who follows her passion.

… taking on many roles in her life.

… curious about the world and determined to keep learning throughout her lifetime.

… thankful for all that she has.

… desirous of developing her competencies.

… with enthusiasm for life.

Sometimes, even if it’s only for a short time, a Renaissance woman can become sidetracked and go off on someone else’s agenda, negating who she is in the process. When that happens, she must find the life that gives her the joy of accomplishment.

Embrace your Renaissance Woman.

Just to introduce myself to you, my name is Patti Williams. A former teacher, school administrator, small business owner, public elected official, and now a writer, this website will introduce you to several of my passions. Follow along, keep informed, and let me know what you think.