About Patti


What’s in front of me is mine!

I often wonder how I got the life I did,
and how you got yours.
What makes the differences?
And why am I here instead of over there?

Some people would say that it’s karma.
What you give in one life
is what you get in this one?
If you kill someone,
they will come back to kill you.
That sounds like revenge to me.
I think karma and our lives
are more complex than what we know.

No matter what,
I feel we each have a mission,
a “soul” purpose, for want of a better name.
And what’s in front of me gives me hints
to what that purpose might be for me.

Just to introduce myself to you, my name is Patti Williams. A former teacher, school administrator, small business owner, public elected official, and now a writer, this website will introduce you to several of my passions. Follow along, keep informed, and let me know what you think.

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