From The Center Of The Labyrinth – Blog

Following one’s intuitions and dreams means being open to implementing what shows up. About a decade ago, a property with some acreage became mine and the angels’ message was to build a labyrinth. A dream showed exactly where they envisioned the location. Building it was one of the first projects completed on the land. Surrounded by tall eucalyptus trees, it is one way of creating sacred space.

Walking the circle, weaving in and out, becomes a spiritual path and the labyrinth brings a connection to mother earth, while temporarily leaving the artificial aspects of life behind. In the middle are Mom’s ashes, with her favorite apple tree, a Golden Delicious, standing above, its roots intertwining with her. Even with all her faults, she did everything right so that my “soul” purpose could be realized.

In my debut novel, The Sound of My Soul, the protagonist, Sallie, also walks a labyrinth. A metaphor for life, each circle of the labyrinth seems to be heading straight to the middle as if the goal were easily obtained. Yet, just like achieving one’s goals in life, the path turns, first left and then right, then back on itself, appearing as if the end will never be reached until suddenly the center is achieved.

Whatever you dream is unique to you; use it as guidance to find your “soul” purpose.