A Dark Night of the Soul

From the Center of the of the Labyrinth

…to the west, Venus shines brightly in the dusky fading light on a warm fall evening, coming after a 90 degree plus day. These days are rare in northern California, and the evenings must be cherished. The darkness descends early these days and the labyrinth is strewn with the dries leaves of the eucalyptus trees that surround it. Walking in the enclosing dimness means paying attention to the debris that litters the path.

A young baseball phenom died on Saturday, a charismatic man who lived life from a sense of joy and wonder. A native of Cuba, he came here as a teenager, arriving after his third attempt to defect. He became a citizen, and was a delight to all who met him. He had only recently learned that he would be a father. It would seem that we should need him here, need his energy, need his brightness in our world that often reflects more darkness than the light.

Baseball is a game of failure. Those who are the most successful, fail almost two-thirds of the time. It is a game that humbles one, and the men who play the sport are examples to the rest of us of how to live our life with grace.

We all go through dark periods in our life; those in which we wonder if we can survive. “A dark night of the soul,” this time is often called. How we persist through these times can often harken to future successes.

Establishing a mantra often works to get through tough stretches. A mantra that was recently provided to me is “Pure Love.” A mantra is a sound vibration that can act as a conduit to a new way of thinking, one that can yield positive results, erasing anxiety by turning fear into love. Using a mantra on a continuous basis works on the subtle body, bringing new energy into one’s life. Through the darkness, there is light.