If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You…

These are the words written on the plaque I recently purchased and have placed opposite my desk so as to look at it everyday. This thought isn’t new to me.

My dreams do scare me. They’re bigger than anything I’ve accomplished in the past. And, my intention is to do whatever is necessary to bring them to fruition. So, the first question is, how do I do something that in the past has eluded me?

An ancillary question is, what do I actually need to do, feel, or be to accomplish my goals. In the past, my thought was always about the doing-ness of creating, the actual action plan. Now, I’m looking at the place my feelings have in the equation; and, also the part that just “being” plays in making the shift.

Recently, I’ve come across the work of Wendy Kennedy, of higherfrequencies.net. She is a channel and her work consists of looking at the frequency at which we vibrate to create the life we want. So, if I don’t like what’s in front of me, then it is up to me to change my frequency to vibrate at the level at which I want to create.

So, how is this done? The first task, according to Wendy’s guides, is to be grounded and the second is to be heart-centered. Grounding comes from a connection to mother earth, Gaia, our planet. Being heart-centered is looking at life with love and acceptance, without judgment, particularly self-judgment. This means being conscious of what we think, speak, and do everyday. Wow! Quite a task!

Right now, at this point in our history, the world looks to be in a great upheaval. This is the perfect opportunity to rise to the occasion. As long as we are alive, we have “work” to do – things to accomplish to meet our soul purpose in life.


Quote of the Week:

“Banish Doubt”

From the set of cards, “The Power of Intention, by Dr.Wayne W. Dyer.

By Banishing doubt and thinking in no-limit ways, you clear a space for this power of intention to flow through. The power of intention is so doubt-deficient that when you’re connected to it you see what you’d like to have as already being present.