Novel – Daughter of the Light

Interspersing the narrative of two young women separated by millennia, Daughter of the Lightalternates between Sad-rai, in the ancient land of Khem (Egypt) undergoing initiation in the Mystery School of the Eye of Heru (Horus) and a modern woman, Sarah, in Los Angeles, going through her own introduction into the mysteries of life.

This is a story of the healing of family wounds, those non-physical traits that persists through generations and must be cured to forge a healthy, happy life.

At the age of seven, Sad-rai remembers her connection to the stars and desires nothing more than to be accepted into the ancient mystery school at the edge of the Nile to become a priestess in the temple.

Sarah, a sixth generation Californian, grows up in a small farming community in the Central Valley. When she leaves for college, experiences beyond her wisdom cause her to make a decision that will haunt her life for the next two decades.

In the ancient land, the Mentor notices the promise of life that Sad-rai shows in desiring initiation into the temple mysteries.  Sarah also shows the promise of her life as her talents are noticed early by her mother, Nan, and her Aunt Stella.

As each chapter unfolds, the initiation of Sad-rai at the various healing temples along The Great River (The Nile) presents concepts and beliefs from the ancient world that can serve as talismans for a life today.

Each chapter utilizes one of the twenty-two archetypes of the Major Arcana of the Tarot as it follows the characters on their journey toward enlightenment. Beginning with the innocence of childhood and continuing through the pains and upheavals that a life presents, Sad-rai of Khem and Sarah of Los Angeles open up to their destiny.

Throughout the story, the wisdom of Ancient Egypt unfolds down through the centuries and imbues the narrative with a deep resounding connective energy, finally healing the family from the patterns of their ancestors.