Novel – Triptych

“Triptych,” the novel, is a trilogy told from the point of view of the same souls through three different lifetimes in a journey that speaks to the theme of karma and its effect on our current life.

Book 1 – Triptych: A Persian Harem tells the story of Layla in Persia during the late 11th century, the time of the First Crusade. Layla, the Princess of a harem and favorite daughter of a vizier, sets her sights on the gardener’s son, Faousch. When Faousch leaves for war and doesn’t return and doesn’t die, her fiery nature turns inward until her anger envelopes her and all those around her.

Book 2 – Triptych: The Albigensian Heretics introduces Livorna, who knows the healing properties of herbs and tends to her fellow villagers. Hunted by the Pope as a suspected member of the Albigensian heretic sect in 12th century France, Livorna is married to a simple man, Frank, who follows the will of the local priest and spies on her activities to discover if she is disloyal to the church. Livorna must allow all that happens around her flow through her like water so that she can stay alive.

Book 3 – Triptych: Resolution concludes the story In modern day south central Coast California where Laura meets her love, Foster, on a blind date. She must work through her unconscious past to determine if she can finally fulfill the passion she feels for the man who has consumed her emotions through three lifetimes.

This is the story of the intense passion and unabated love of a woman for an unavailable man and negated by the world around her, in which she must confront her obsession and learn the value ofself-reliance, adaptation, and autonomy in a world unsupportive of independent women.

Book 1 publication date: Coming Soon…

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