Humans are a wounded species, as if there were some genetic marker coded in our physicality that produces in us fear, shame, and guilt. To go back in time to find that indicator, we have to look before recorded history at the folklore that is inherent in all cultures around the globe.

The mythology of ancient mankind includes stories of how the world began, that a global flood engulfed all, as well as a “serpent in the sky,” a fiery comet that hit the earth, perhaps causing its current wobble.

Within that prehistoric world, there is evidence of a vast sailing culture encompassing the earth, sophisticated archeological sites that baffle the modern imagination, and stories of “gods” who walked the earth with man.

What if these original legends are true stories?

What if the Atlantis of which Plato spoke really existed?

What if we can be healed of our catastrophobia by listening to these ancient myths?

Follow my logic on a journey that may lead to the healing of mankind and the beginning of a new Golden Age.


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