The Sound Of My Soul – Novel

“The Sound of My Soul” is a spiritual narrative of a woman’s journey toward wholeness with the help of her guardian angels.

After a professional misstep throws Sallie’s carefully ordered life into upheaval,

she is further unsettled by a call from her brother urging her to return

to her childhood home to aid her ailing father and reunite with her estranged family.

Torn between looking back and forging ahead, she must decide whether to rebuild herself from the ground up or finally lay the past to rest by opening her heart to forgiveness and reconciliation. As each chapter unfolds, the protagonist’s angel guides provide advice and illumination to help her along her path.

This is the story of a woman at a crossroads in her life who learns the transformative power of trust, love and acceptance. It tells of our unseen helpers from the spirit realm, who provide guidance and assurance that we all live in an incredible world, if we would just take the time to listen, feel and act upon that which is unseen.


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